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    Nearly all of the subjects for my artistic photographic work with the nude since 1975 have been women who have never posed before for a professional photographer. I have seldom found this lack of modeling experience to be a detriment to my photography.  Usually a willingness to just try the process of modeling for me is sufficient to produce some memorable artistic images. 

If you think you are someone who would like to become a part of my artistic work you can reach me by
telephone, e-mail, or regular postal mail.  You need to be at least eighteen years of age for any imagery
that contains nudity. A valid ID with proof of age is required. You should be available to do the photography in the Savannah area where I am based. I work alone with no assistants. I ask each model to do her own make-up and hair before a session. While I do exhibit and occasionally sell some of these images, I respect my models' privacy. I do not disclose their personal information to others. For example, I do not give out their phone numbers to inquiring parties. When some of their images appear on my website or in real world art galleries or print publications with names in the print title there is only a first name referenced. Sometimes a pseudonym will be used if this is discussed and agreed upon before any sessions are done or if I have multiple models sharing a same first name.

Nearly all of the women who have become models for me have not been interested in a professional modeling career.  But if you have aspirations in that direction I can possibly offer portfolio development and provide valuable camera time experience for you in exchange for your posing for my fine art photography. For all women who pose for me, I offer hand-printed photographs of your choice as compensation for your modeling. I show you contact proof sheets of everything we shoot together and let you select images you like. I next make 5" x 7" size prints for you.  Since my earliest days as a photographer I have always operated this way in terms of compensation with original photographs in exchange for modeling. In today's digital world, I can help you with scans of the original prints.

I work only with film and do all of the darkroom processing myself. These photographs are similar to
the ones I provide to clients who hire me to photograph them. Their monetary value can be seen on my
price list on the link on my To Hire Me page. Not all of the photography I do with models is nude and therefore there are sometimes portraits and other images which often utilize my array of vintage clothing
and accessories. And those would be available for you to select from as well. Also, if you want to be
the model when I give a private instruction class with one individual student then the compensation is always cash/check paid to you at the conclusion of the lesson. I only employ models who have proven their consistent dependability for any of my private instruction classes.

I generally prefer, when possible, to photograph a model for more than just a single session. Ideally, I like to collaborate with someone over a period of time and share an exchange of visual ideas.  In doing this a rapport develops and the resulting images seem to become better over time.  But it is always up to the model when she wants to stop posing. I never pressure anybody to initially model or to continue modeling for me. Yet it is quite true that many women, having once tried it, find the experience very rewarding and wish to continue with subsequent sessions. I can assure everyone that everything is done in a strictly professional context. I have been photographing women since the early 1970s.  My reputation as an artist and professional for those four decades is impeccable and beyond reproach.

I nearly always conduct a first session with a new model in my studio. I find it is less hectic for a
model than her posing for a first time on location. There have been exceptions but that is my preference.
I play recorded music as we shoot and take breaks when the model wishes to. A first session usually
lasts 3 to 4 hours. After a session I process the film and make contact proof sheets within two weeks.
I then contact the model to arrange a time for her to view the proofs. In the case of an out-of-town
person I will mail the sheets to her. Often, if the model is interested in doing another session I will wait
and show her the proof sheets on the day of the next session and save her an extra trip. The model
views the contacts and marks the individual shots she wants me to print as 5" x 7"  enlargements. Each
5x7 is then individually printed by hand solely by me in my darkroom. This step can take two to four
weeks depending on the number of prints selected and my work load at that moment. I can conduct
sessions any day of the week and at almost any hour of the day or evening. I have no regular hours of
operation. I function as an artist so all the days and hours for me run into one. I meet with people only
by appointment and I always keep every appointment I make.

I have been asked many times in recent decades if a person having tattoos will disqualify her from becoming one of my models. It does not, although I make no apologies for admitting that I prefer models to not have tattoos, at least blatant, obvious ones. My preference has nothing whatsoever to do with the person herself. It has to do with the look and atmosphere I am creating in my body of work.  I often strive for a timeless quality to much of my imagery. A tattoo appearing in a photograph, just like a telephone pole or modern car, allows associations with a period of time that I generally am not particularly interested in depicting. Visible tattoos would also make it difficult or impossible to do any handcoloring of an image. I have heard potential models tell me that I can just "Photoshop out" their tattoos. They regrettably lack knowledge about my method of photography.  My ultimate answer is that I do photograph some women with tattoos but I usually do so in a way that does not reveal the tattoo(s) when creating the image. It is in the posing angles or sometimes the lighting and utilization of clothing. I am working with film and then making two-dimensional paper photographs by hand from that original film with liquid chemicals in a darkroom. Using Photoshop is not an option.

I understand the statements being made when a person has a tattoo.  And I would be the last person to categorize people based on whether or not they have any tattoos. The paramount issue as an art photographer is will a tattoo show and affect the overall atmosphere of the image I am creating. The first model that I ever encountered with a tattoo posed for me in 1979. Since then more and more women with tattoos have come into my life. There have been instances when I was not able to successfully work around a model's tattoo(s). So I do prefer a model without tattoos as it makes the act of photographing her much simpler. And body piercing is a similar story.  But, having said that, I do accept some models with tattoos and piercings. It mainly depends on where they are and how many they are. If you have too many blatant tattoos or piercings you can always hire me to create photographs of you if you like my style of photography. The resulting photographs would then be a private commission and not part of my public work.

If you are traveling to the Savannah area and only have a limited time to perhaps do just one session that may be acceptable in some cases and I would definitely not discourage you from contacting me about modeling if you want to do so. Just contact me and let me know your available times and the approximate duration of your stay in this vicinity.  We can then discuss your modeling for me from that point. 

Posing for me can be an opportunity for you to create an artistic form of self-expression while you are
relatively young and perhaps in the prime of your life. The work may possibly outlast your great-great
grandchildren.  Many women for decades have posed for me with wonderful results and memories.
Very rarely someone from the past approaches me demanding that now restrictions be placed on the
work we did long ago.  This is not possible nor appreciated. Although I may make it look easy, there is
a lot of time, money, and effort that goes into every session I do with any model. There is pre-session,
actual session, and post session work. As a visual artist I create photographic works with the intention
that the public will eventually view them and hopefully appreciate them. I have signed model releases for each person displayed on my website.

If you like my photography and wish to obtain nude photographs or portraits of yourself but do not wish
to become part of my public body of art then avail yourself of my private commission service and hire
me to photograph you as a client rather than as a model. By doing that you pay me for the prints and
I give you a signed Confidentiality Agreement. Models sign model releases and clients do not. I welcome
all interested people who wish to be one of my models.   It can be a fun, memorable, unique, rewarding
experience for any woman.  I have heard back from many former models over the years who tell
me that modeling for me was one of the best experiences of their life. As an artist, those are wonderful
words to hear.

If you would like to ask questions or make an appointment to meet me at my studio in Savannah to discuss possibly becoming one of my models please use one of the methods of contact below.

Postal Mail                                                        

Jack Wegener

Jack Wegener Photography
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*** Please use a specific relevant header to your e-mail or else it could very well be deleted by my spam filter or by myself when checking my mail.  For example, do not use vague headers such as "Hi" or "no subject" (blank).  I respond to all legitimate serious inquiries.  If you do not get a reply from me within 48 hours then do resend your e-mail message as something likely went amiss.  If e-mail continues to fail, please send a letter by postal mail or telephone me. Do NOT send any photos to me.