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    Nude & Boudoir Photography                                                                                  

I offer nude photography of women, men, and couples.  I do not photograph nudes of anyone under the age of 18 (unless it is an infant accompanied by the mother or father or both parents). Work can be done in my studio, at your residence, or outdoors.  The photographs can be in natural color, black-and-white, or handcolored.  I do not use digital cameras; I use film. Various pricing plans can be discussed
according to your needs. Package prices are available, and there is also a la carte pricing so that you can specifically select the quantity and sizes of individual photographs you want. See the link below for pricing. Boudoir photography of women is included in this genre.

I want to clarify here an aspect of my work that is frequently confusing to people.  My photography involving nude imagery is divided into two categories:  non-commissioned work and commissioned work.  In my professional life I encounter women, men, and couples who wish to have nude or partially nude photographs of themselves but they do not want to have those photographs ever viewed by people they do not know or possibly purchased by unknown parties as collectable art prints.  This is what my commissioned photography service provides.  When clients hire me and pay me to photograph them and thus acquire photographs from that commission those photographs (as well as all unordered and unwanted images produced at the session) remain completely private. I never exhibit or publish any of those photographs nor do I even discuss the fact that a particular individual ever commissioned me for  photographs.  It remains a totally confidential and private matter as far as I am involved.  And I believe  this approach has enabled me over the decades to obtain private commissions from people around the country. The same confidentiality applies equally to all boudoir photography.

When you hire me you are getting my complete attention. I do not operate a sleek, traditional studio.
I do not have a receptionist or a state-of-the-art facility. I work as an artist in a nearly 100 year old
house I purchased in in 1980 and converted into a working studio. There is no fancy landscaping.
There are no cellular phones or consistent office hours. I am a creative person who offers my services
for producing images using film which is a dying art. In doing this, I keep my prices as low as possible
to enable anyone who wishes to obtain unique images of themselves to be able to afford to do so. I am
not running an automated factory. I am not in competition with the Walmart or Sears photography
studios. If that is your concept of photography and what pricing should be then by all means patronize
them and be content. That is not my style of creative photography.

If you are interested in hiring me to photograph you ideally you need to first contact me to make an appointment to meet at my studio to discuss what you want. There is no cost for meeting me for discussion.  There is, of course, no nudity involved at the time of discussion. We are merely talking about what you would like your photographs to be and possibly looking at actual examples of my work which are better quality images than the pixels appearing on a computer monitor. You may bring others with you for the discussion, and if you decide to follow through with a commissioned session you may also bring someone to be present during that session if you so choose.  It is entirely up to you.  My goal is to make you feel comfortable and have a positive experience.  I have been photographing undressed people professionally since 1975 so you can be assured that you are dealing with someone who knows what he's doing.  I have been based in Savannah for all of my professional life.  I have been at my present street location since 1980.  In my early years I did regularly advertise in the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory but now no longer feel the need to reach people via that method.  As I have matured as an artist I have fortunately been able to choose the assignments and commissions I wish to undertake.  I am offering a service that many other photographers simply are not qualified to perform.

If you are not in the immediate Savannah area an in-person discussion is not mandatory. We can conduct exchanges via e-mail or by telephone. I have photographed numerous people who live outside of Savannah and the state of Georgia but who have traveled here to have me photograph them. I have also traveled out of state on some occasions to photograph people in their own locale. But I do not do that as frequently these days. It is preferred that you come to Savannah.  But we can make the necessary preparations and information exchange using e-mail or telephone if you do not reside in the Savannah area.

Commissioned boudoir or nude photography by me is never displayed or resold. I create the photographs solely for you and you retain absolute control over who sees them. The photographs displayed on this website, in my studio, in art galleries, or publications are of models who have posed for me, and I have signed releases from each of them.  When commissioning me, you, however, do not sign a model's release.  Your privacy is assured. I give my clients a Confidentiality Agreement which I sign stating that all commissioned boudoir/nude photography is held in the strictest confidence by me and that the images are never displayed by me in any form nor is the session or names ever discussed by me with others. I have worked with clients in this genre since my earliest years in photography in the 1970s and have never betrayed my promise of confidentiality. I work alone without any assistants so there is only myself who would ever have the information. I take client confidentiality extremely seriously. 

As stated above, I offer commissioned nude and boudoir photography in natural color as well as in black-and-white and handcolored formats. This website is intended primarily to feature my non-commissioned photography of the nude which I offer for sale to collectors of fine art photography. In this area I seldom work anymore with color film when photographing my models.  But clients who commission me sometimes prefer to have natural color images of themselves for either nude/boudoir photography or portraiture. I have created a link where one can view examples of my non-commissioned nude photography of some of my models that I created on color film.  The images are mainly from the 1970s and 1980s. Since I am now reluctant to offer for sale my non-commissioned photography on color film which I produced mainly in my early years I am displaying the examples without titles or an enlarged view.  I intend them to serve as a visual reference for clients who wish to hire me to produce images for them using color film as opposed to black-and-white film images or handcolored images. Again, these natural color images feature only my models and are not of my clients. Clicking here will take you to the color film examples.

To hold down my prices I accept only checks, money orders, and cash as forms of payment.

I offer a la carte pricing in addition to package pricing.  All prices are subject to change without notice.
To view specific pricing and any possible additional fees please click here.



I offer portraiture for people of all ages.  The work can be done in my studio, your residence, or on location.  I offer various pricing plans depending on what you want. The photography can be done as classic black-and-white, handcolored, or natural color. I do not use digital cameras; I only use film cameras. I work only by appointment so you need to use the contact information at the bottom of this page to arrange an appointment. If you wish to first discuss with me in person what you want you may make an appointment to do so with no cost or obligation to you.  Clicking here will take you to examples of my portrait photography. The examples (of past models) are predominantly women but I do produce portraits of men and children.

To hold down my prices I accept only checks, money orders, and cash as forms of payment.

I offer a la carte pricing in addition to package pricing.  All prices are subject to change without notice.

To view specific pricing and any possible additional fees please click here.


    Engagement - Wedding - Honeymoon - Anniversary                                              

This heading is related to the Nude Photography one but is here to inform potential clients that I offer
this type of photography for couples. I no longer do traditional wedding coverage (I did for my first
decade as a professional photographer) but I continue to offer this type of marriage-related photography. 
I can discreetly document your private, intimate, emotional relationship in an artistic way. I can create
images of the two of you that you will treasure and return to view throughout your life together. They
can be as innocent, romantic, sensual, or erotic as you wish. They can be nude, semi-dressed, or one
partner fully dressed and the other not so much. The session can be in your home, my studio, a hotel, or outdoors. The choices are all yours and I am always available to discuss what you desire. (And technically you do not have to be officially engaged or married to avail yourself of this service). The pricing currently
is the same as that for Nude & Boudoir Photography so please follow the link above under that heading for package prices and the a la carte prices.


    Musical Promotion                                                                                  

Much of my earliest photography was with rock bands in the late Sixties when I had no inclination or indication that I would ever become a professional photographer.  I had friends who were musicians and I attended their concerts with a Polaroid camera in hand, later progressing to a 35mm SLR.  Since turning professional in 1975 I have photographed hundreds of musical acts.  Most of that work has been for the groups' or soloist's promotional purposes although I have created images for use on picture sleeves for vinyl 45s, album covers, and cd covers. My services for this are available in black-and-white, hand colored, and natural color.  Prices start at $175.00.  I generally grant reproduction rights for mass-produced promotional stills in the basic photography price provided a visible specific credit line is placed on each copy.  I am available to photograph on location or in my studio.  I have many previous examples of this type of work at my studio but there are none on this website.





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