photographs as affordable as possible to the public.  I do photography because I am driven to be creative.  I also think I have a certain innate talent that lends itself well to creating imagery with people who are inexperienced in posing for cameras and with whom I am able to readily make feel at ease when
appearing before me with little or no clothing.  This applies to my commissioned work as well as to
my fine art work involving my models.  I would like for all people who appreciate my photography
to be able to afford one or more of my original prints.  In that regard I began offering a limited range of
hand-printed but unsigned photographs using resin-coated photographic papers. These are quality papers
which I have used since the 1970s and because they are a bit "faster" to produce I am willing to print a
small selection of my negatives in that format to offer to those who cannot acquire the signed and
matted fiber base versions.

The cliché that I will sometimes chant as a mantra when involved in a particularly difficult darkroom session or after locking the reception room door upon finally giving up on the arrival of a prospective model is:  "If what I am doing is so easy and so lucrative then more people would certainly be doing it."

I trust that these pages will in some way answer various people who have questioned me about my work and price structure.  For what it is worth, I see some of my contemporaries, and even people with far less experience than myself, listing prices far in excess of what I am asking. And I am talking double and triple and beyond.  I think I completely understand their rationale because I know what is involved in creating original imagery.  But as I have stated, I have consciously striven to make price not such a barrier to anyone who truly wants to own one of my handmade photographs.  In some ways this has hurt me in that I may not be taken seriously in certain quarters of the collecting community or with various upscale galleries and curators. And at my age there is more creative time behind me than remains ahead.  There will ever be in existence only a finite number of signed (and unsigned) original photographs produced by my hand. I would like to be well-regarded as an artist and yet it usually seems in the art community that unless one has quite lofty prices that it is easy to be dismissed.  

Every artist at times needs support - either financial or emotional - to continue on a personal creative
path.  Society in general often appears indifferent in appreciating or valuing objects which are not
mass-produced or utilitarian. I think this world would be a dreary, bland existence without artistic
expression. The above treatise was prepared to convey what is personally involved in my own creative
process as someone with a long photography history producing original handmade works.   

 Please follow this pricing link for detailed descriptions and prices for all my available images in the various formats.