This apartment is located in Eastside Savannah directly across the street from the historic
Gordonston subdivision on the corner of Skidaway Road and East Duffy St. It is a
studio/efficiency apartment which means itís basically an open floor plan. It has its
own separate address at 1113 Skidaway Road. And separate electric and water meters.
Its exterior is wood and is painted pale blue. A highly significant point about this apartment
is its location in an older, safe, established neighborhood of residential homes. It is
on a street of home owners who are settled, stable citizens.

The rent is $520.00 monthly and the security deposit is $520.00.

My name is Jack Wegener and I own this property and also reside in the main house
at the front of the property. I have been renting the apartment to nice people since
1980 when I purchased the entire property. I will offer an initial 3-month lease so
a tenant can determine if he/she likes the place and the
To inquire about renting please call

The apartment is at the back of a larger section of property I live on at 1115 Skidaway
Road. My main house was built circa 1920. At the back of that house is a separate two
story building. The ground floor is brick and was constructed at the same time as the
main house in 1920. In the 1960s the apartment was added above the ground floor space
with a metal staircase for access. Its utilities are not tied to the space below it. That space is
on my utility meters but no one lives in it. It is not a rentable space. No one lives below
or adjacent to the upstairs apartment. This contributes to the quiet and privacy of the
tenant. There is a private driveway from Duffy Street exclusively for a tenant's use. The
driveway goes from the street to close to the metal staircase leading to the apartment door.

The apartment features an alcove space (4 x 6 ft) inside the front entrance door, then
one long main room (23 x 15 ft) with a kitchen area toward the rear. This kitchen area
has a stove/oven, double sink with water purifier, counter space, cabinets, and frost free refrigerator.

Off of the main room through a door at the left is a smaller room (6 x 9 ft) which has
shelves and closet space and a wall mirror. Off of that room through another door is
the bathroom with tub/shower, sink, toilet, and medicine cabinet.

The total square footage of the apartment is approximately 470 sq. ft.

There is a window air conditioner with built-in heater. It was purchased new in
2008. The kitchen and bathroom were renovated in 2003. A 4-burner stove
with oven was purchased new in 2007. A new water heater was installed in 2008.
A new floor was installed in November 2011. The apartment is cable-ready. Everything is electric.

In the main room there are three total windows. Each has venetian blinds. The
fourth window in the apartment is in the bathroom. The walls are made of real wood.
The ceiling is acoustic tiles. There is a light on the outside above the entrance door. And
on Duffy Street directly opposite the entrance to the tenant's driveway there is a
city street light that comes on each day at dusk.

The tenant is responsible for the electric and water bills to the apartment. If cable is
desired that too is the tenant's bill to pay.

The apartment is located in a quiet, older neighborhood of residential homes with lots
of trees and shrubbery and sidewalks. There is a small yard area alongside the driveway
for the tenantís use, and flowers or vegetables can be planted there if so desired. It is in
a very quiet location. I myself  chose to live in this area when I purchased this property
in 1980 and have been here 34 years.

This apartment is ideally suited for someone wanting privacy and peaceful quiet.

It is for SINGLE OCCUPANCY only.

My name is Jack Wegener. I've been a professional fine art photographer of women
since 1975. My credentials can be verified online. I have an impeccable reputation as
a photographic artist, and there is not one negative word against my long history as a landlord.

I never disturb my tenants. Sometimes months go by without our seeing or talking to
each other. I am not anti-social; but I respect a tenant's privacy. Most tenants
slip the rent payment check under the door of the main house each month and I
send them a receipt by e-mail or place a paper receipt in the apartment
mailbox. I am, of course, available should any repairs be necessary or questions
to be asked. But I have never intruded in a tenant's life. My life's work is my
photography and that is where much of my time is focused.

Within about one mile from the apartment are four shopping centers. They contain a Kroger
grocery store and a Piggly Wiggly grocery store. The banks are Wells Fargo and
Sun Trust. Some other businesses in these centers are: Starbucks, Home Depot, Big Lots,
Radio Shack, Subway, CVS Pharmacy, Family Dollar, Walgreens, Target, Gamestop, Cricket

Phone. There is a US Post Office branch.

Along Skidaway Road, within a mile from the property, is: McDonald's, Pizza
Hut, Checkers, KFC, Taco Bell, Arbys, Popeyes, Captain D's, Wendy's, Papa John's,
an Asian Market and hair and nail salons and clothing stores.

Slightly over a mile from the property along Skidaway Road are gas stations,
Firestone, Meineke, Domino's Pizza, Krispy Kreme, Staples, movie theater,
clothing stores, tattoo parlor, auto repair shops.

East Victory Drive is one mile from the apartment. Turn left onto it and you are
about 18 miles from Tybee Island and the Atlantic Ocean. Historic Bonaventure
Cemetery is just off Skidaway Road. Go about 1/2 mile from the property, turn
left onto Bonaventure Road and you're there in three minutes. Downtown
Savannah and River Street and City Market are less than 8 minutes from the property.

Along Victory Drive, a little over a mile from the apartment, is Bank of
America, a laundromat, Whole Foods Market, Grayson Stadium  Daffin Park.
There is access to the Truman Parkway which quickly takes you to other locations
in Savannah. Also, a few blocks from the apartment is another on and
off ramp to the Truman Parkway (about 2 minutes from the apartment).

To view photographs of the apartment for rent,  please click here.